Using ReCharge to manage your subscriptions? Be sure to connect your Refersion account, this will ensure order information is sent to Refersion. After you've completed the steps below, there is a setting that Refersion has to configure to make sure orders are not duplicated. Shoot us an email and we can do this for you.

Add Refersion to Recharge

To do this, log in to your Shopify account and click on Apps. Find and click on ReCharge Recurring Billing & Subscriptions 

Click on the wrench icon and navigate to Integrations

Find Refersion and click on Get

And input your Refersion API keys. 

The Refersion API keys can be found by logging in to your Refersion account and going to Account > Settings > Refersion API. The secret key will be hidden until you click Show.

Back in ReCharge, click Activate to finish setting up the integration. You should now see Refersion listed in the Enabled Integrations tab.

The last step is to shoot us an email to let us know you'll be using ReCharge. There is a setting that we need to configure to make sure orders are not duplicated. Once that is done you're all set!

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