Make the affiliate registration yours by uploading your logo and customizing the colors to match your brand.  Much of this is will already be done during the setup process, refer to this guide to make changes and create custom form fields.

Update Your Title And Logo

First, before you edit the affiliate registration form, log in to your Dashboard and go to Account > Settings > Branding and enter your site title and upload a logo.  Your site's title will be reflected in the visitor's browser when they land on the registration page.  Your logo should have a ratio of 2.5:1

Step 1 - Style Your Affiliate Registration Form

Customize your affiliate form by going to Channels > Affiliate Registration. Here you can change the text, link and background colors of your affiliate registration page. Beneath the Colors section, is where you can preview your form.

Step 2 - Enter Your Company Info

This section allows for any additional info about your company, product, and your affiliate program.  You can embed images here, but they need to be hosted someplace else, like your website. We cannot host the image for you.

Step 3 - Add Custom Fields (Optional)

By default, the affiliate registration form requires the affiliate's first and last names, email address, and password.  If you would like to collect any additional pieces of info, you can create custom form fields.  

Click Custom Form Fields from the Channels > Affiliate Registration and click Add Custom Field.  

Choose different Field Mapping options from the dropdown. If you are adding standard details, such as PayPal email or address information, then it will be automatically filled in on an affiliate's profile. If you select Custom Field, then it will be displayed on an affiliate's Registration Details section of their profile. 

Type in the Label for the field (this will appear on the registration page) and choose the Field Type. 

For Country and State, be sure to choose Populated Dropdown from the Field Type dropdown.  

Lastly, choose if the field should be required.

You can re-arrange the fields by dragging the ≡ icon on the left of the custom form field. Note that custom form fields are not editable once created, but you can delete and re-create them (data might be lost when deleting custom form fields, however).

Here's an example.

I've created seven custom fields in the image below. 

A new affiliate signs up. You can view their profile by clicking Manage > Affiliates > Their Name. 

You can view their address by clicking Name & Address on the left sidebar.  

Their Paypal email is being displayed in the Offer & Payment section. 

Their Twitter Handle shows up in the Registration Details, because it has been mapped as a 'CUSTOM FIELD'. All Custom Form Fields labeled 'CUSTOM FIELD' will be displayed here. 

Step 4 - Add Third-Party Tracking (Optional)

Third-Party Tracking allows you to add ids for Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel tracking.

Step 5 - Add Open Graph Meta Tags (Optional)

OG tags help populate meta information for sharing your registration form on social networks like Facebook or Twitter. We recommend filling this page out if your registration page is going to be shared with your social media followers. For a detailed explanation click here

Step 6 - Edit Commission & Business Details

You can edit the commission details by going to Manage > Offers and clicking the Offer ID for the offer you'd like to edit. 

Within the offer settings, you can change the commission rates and add additional commission terms for the offer. Any commission terms added here will display on your affiliate registration page and in the affiliate portal.

Step 7 - Enter Your Program Terms & Policies (Recommended)

In addition to the Content section, you can edit the Program Terms & Policies by going to Account > Settings > Program Policies.  

We highly recommend that you complete this section along with the Program Terms & Policies sections to clearly communicate how you want affiliates to promote your products, payment terms, and any additional info you might have. Once again, you can embed images here, but they need to be hosted someplace else, like your website. We cannot host the image for you.

Once you've saved the changes on the Program Terms & Policies page your affiliate registration form will update.

What's Next?

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