You can embed your affiliate registration form directly within your site so prospective affiliates can signup without having to leave your site. This uses a simple HTML iFrame to pull the registration page onto your site. Depending on your technical skills, you can either do this yourself or work with a developer to implement it for you.

Every offer has its own embed code. To access the code, go to your Dashboard and click on Affiliate Signup.

Select the offer you'd like to have affiliates signup to, click " Embed sign-up form into your site" and the HTML code will be displayed,

Select and copy the code and provide it to your website developer, and they can assist you with embedding this link onto your site. If you don't have a developer, a technical rep on your website platform may be able to help you out with embedding the code.

NOTE: The registration form can be long if you have many custom form fields. If that is the case, the height of the iFrame should be modified. In the screenshot above you'll notice it's set at 1600 pixels, feel free to increase or decrease that number as needed.

How To Embed Your Affiliate Registration Form Into Your Shopify Store

Step 1: Navigate to Online Store > Pages

Step 2: Click Add Page.

Step 3: Create a title for your page and then click <> to show HTML.

Step 4: Paste embed code in the HTML Text field and click Save.

What's Next?

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