The Refersion Marketplace provides an easy way for affiliates to find new products to promote and form new partnerships with brands.

To get started navigate to the "Find Products" page from the top navigation bar in your dashboard. On the Find Products page, you'll see the most recently added products from brands that want to work with new affiliate partners like you!

Find Products page breakdown


For each product you'll see the following information (left to right):

  • Platform icon (Amazon or Shopify)

  • Brand Name

  • Product Name

  • Commission rate offered by the brand

  • Product Price

  • Cookie days for the brand's commission offer

  • Buttons to apply to the brand's program and view the full details of what's being offered by the brand it you join their program.

Right from the product listing, you can click "Apply to Offer" which will take you to the brand's program registration page.

Once you apply and are accepted into the program, you'll be able to see and promote the products that peaked your interest; plus, any other products the brand has chosen to promote. You can learn how to promote products here.

Searching and Filtering:


In the search bar, type in a keyword to show results related to the word you typed. In the image below, we've highlighted all the places where the keyword we typed shows up in the product results:

Be sure to click on "Clear Filters" to clear your search or just type in a new phrase to search for something new.

Filters allow you to narrow down the list of products from brands so can focus on products in categories that matter most to you.

  • You can filter by a range of product prices by moving both sliders left or right.

  • If you love promoting Amazon products, simply toggle the "Amazon Only" filter to see Amazon products only.

  • You can also filter for brands that offer certain assets or payment types.

  • To get really granular with your filtering, you can look for products in specific categories by choosing one or many categories. Or if you're looking for anything new and interesting, just leave this filter set to all categories.

  • Lastly, you can filter by specific commission types.

No matter how you slice and dice this page to fit your needs, you're sure to find new brands to work with and new products to promote.

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