While Refersion does not have a built-in feature for postbacks, Marketplace publishers and affiliates can leverage Refersion’s webhooks and Zapier to route data to a postback URL.

Sending webhook data into Zapier.

We created this Zapier template to help you get started. First, add the template to your Zapier account, and then login to your Marketplace account from a new tab.

From your Marketplace dashboard, navigate to “Your Name” > Edit your profile, scroll to the bottom of your profile to the Webhooks section and click Create New Webhook. In the modal, choose the Conversion Approved webhook topic.

Return to the Zapier template and click on the first step titled Catch conversions Webhook form Refersion and expand the Set up trigger step to reveal a Webhook URL.

Copy the URL from Zapier and paste it into Refersion and click Create.

Setting up your Postback URL

Return to Zapier and click Post data to Postback URL and expand the Set up action step. Replace the https://postbackurlgoeshere.com” link with the URL to your postback URL from above.

Note: If your URL contains a ?sub_id parameter (https://postbackurlgoeshere.com?sub_id=valuegoeshere), leave out the ?sub_id parameter (and any others that are appended to your URL) and add just the main URL. Any necessary URL parameters will be set up and configured in the next step.

Mapping data from Refersion to Postback URL parameters:

In this step you’ll match values from the conversion webhook to your desired URL parameters.

For example, if you need the SubID passed to your postback URL, you’ll add the name of the parameter responsible for collecting the subID, then search for and select the appropriate subID field from the conversion webhook data.

You can keep adding fields and searching for values to match your URL parameters until you’ve added all the parameters your postback URL needs:

Here is a reference of all the fields available to map to URL parameters:

Field Name


affiliate code

A unique identifier for an affiliate

affiliate id

The main identifier for an affiliate account

click created

The date (UTC) a click was recorded

click creative id

The ID of a creative asset that resulted in a


click ip

The IP address of the customer who clicked on an

affiliate link

click landed url

The URL on the merchant's site a customer landed

on initially

click referrer

The URL where the customer came from before

landing on the merchant's website

click sub id

The SubID included in the URL that resulted in a conversion
Note: SubIDs are only available for link conversions

commission total

The total commission earned for the conversion

conversion id

A unique identifier for the conversion

coupon code

The coupon the customer used for their order


The date (UTC) the conversion was created.


The currency of the conversion

denied reason code

A unique identifier for denied conversions

is recurring

A value indicating whether the conversion is

from a subscription order

is test conversion

A value indicating whether the conversion is

from a test order

merchant name

The company name of the merchant

merchant domain

The main store URL for the merchant


Additional notes added to the conversion

offer amount

The commission amount set for the offer

offer id

A unique identifier for an offer

offer name

A friendly name for the offer

offer type

The commission structure set up for the offer. (i.e. Percent of Sale, Flat Rate)

order id

A unique identifier for the order/purchase

payment status

A value indicating whether the commission for the conversion is paid out

product names

A comma-separated list of product names from the order/purchase


Text explaining the reason for a

denied/unqualified conversion


The status of a conversion. (i.e. Approved,

Pending, Denied, Unqualified)

subscription id

A unique identifier for a subscription order


The total sales recorded for the conversion

total items

The total items (products) recorded for the



The date (UTC) a conversion was updated

Once you’ve mapped all of the necessary fields, you can test your zap or just turn it on. Once it’s live anytime you receive an approved conversion from any of the brands you promote for, a wehbook will be sent into Zapier, and Zapier will take care of posting the data to your postback URL.

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