Referral Links

There are two important things you should know about referral links.


SubIDs are unique "tags" that are added to the end of affiliate referral links.

When Refersion records clicks to the referral link, the SubID will be recorded alongside the click. This allows affiliates to segment clicks and find out where commissions originated from, such as a specific page or user. This is why SubIDs are perfect for detailed analysis.

Okay, cool. But how do you set up one of these super useful SubIDs? It all depends on what domain tracking you're using.

If you're using Refersion Domain Tracking, you would setup your SubIDs like this:

If you're using your Custom Domain Tracking, you would setup your SubIDs like this:

Doing this will tell our system to tag "header" and "footer" to clicks going to each link respectively.

Changing Referral Links

Wondering if you can change referral links? The answer is yes!

Referral links can be changed using either of the options below:

Option 1:

Using our integration, affiliates can automatically convert their referral links into links right from their dashboards:

Option 2: Domain redirect

You can setup a redirect from your shop to an affiliate's referral link. For example:

Redirect to:


Bonus for Shopify users: This is how you can setup a redirect within your shop. We also have another app, called Traffic Control, that allows you to create redirects in bulk.

Referral Links