Integrate PayPal Mass Payments

This is how you can retrieve your PayPal API information so that we may connect your account and initiate Mass Payment requests. Please keep in mind that you also have to get in touch with PayPal so that they approve Mass Payments from their end prior to sending your first payment.

Step 1: Log in to

You must have a PayPal Business account to make calls to the live PayPal servers. Log in to your Business account on the following page:

Step 2: Navigate to the API Access page

Click the profile icon in the top right. Depending on your account type, it may look like one of the screenshots below.

Note: If you see a different UI , navigate to the API Access page by clicking My Account > Profile > My Selling Tools > API Access.

Step 3: Select "My Selling Tools" from the left-hand panel:

Step 4: Navigate to API Access and click "Update"

Step 5: NVP/SOAP API Integration

Scroll down to NVP/SOAP API Integration and click "Request API credentials":

Step 6: Enter Refersion

Open a new window and sign into then head to Account > Settings > PayPal Mass Payments. Switch the first setting to "Yes" to enable Paypal payments. Enter your PayPal email address on the line below this setting:

Step 7: Show Keys

Switch back to the PayPal tab and hit "Show" to grab your API Username, API Password and API Signature and enter those credentials respectively into Refersion. This will allow us to securely store and use them to issue Mass Payments into your account:

Step 8: Add Email Details

Create an email/subject line for recipients for the email notification that they'll be sent from PayPal. Check the boxes underneath this line to agree to the terms and Save Changes:

Step 9: Add Notification URL

Grab your Notification URL so that we can keep track of your payments. Next, copy your notification URL from the same Refersion settings page to your clipboard:

Step 10: Update Instant Payment Notifications in PayPal

In PayPal, navigate back to your "My Selling Tools" page and click on "update" next to "Instant Payment Notifications":

Step 11: Add Notification URL

Copy/paste the notification URL into the "Notifications URL" field:

Step 12: Contact PayPal

PayPal requires verbal confirmation to finish enabling the Mass Payments API for your PayPal account - so you MUST contact PayPal before any of the above will work!

Integrate PayPal Mass Payments