How To Get Affiliates

Having trouble getting affiliates for you program?

Fear not! We're here to answer some of your most commonly asked questions.

How do I get affiliates for my program?

Promote, promote, promote! Advertise it in the Refersion Marketplace , broadcast your affiliate program on your social media channels and website, and send out email blasts!

Make sure you're also customizing your affiliate registration page and uploading eye-catching creatives!

Yeah, but getting a lot of affiliates is still hard. Are there any other tips and tricks?

Sure! Why not take advantage of the Post-Purchase widget and start turning your very own customers into affiliates?

How do I start going after some influencers in my industry or niche?

We've got you.

I don't really know how to approach potential affiliates though. Any tips?


I have some affiliates now, but how can I be sure they'll remain active? What can I do to help them succeed?

Here's what you can do to increase affiliate retention and success.

Is there anything else about affiliate marketing that I should know?

Definitely. How about not believing these all-too-common affiliate marketing myths?

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How To Get Affiliates